Thursday, December 31, 2015

Holidays & rounding out 2016!

Hello there! Wow, Danielle came home and our December FLEW by! We were so excited to get home and get into a good routine again, not really knowing what that would look like I am SO excited to tell you that it went better than we could have even imagined!
         I truly mean it when I say this in every meaning possible, We.Have.Our.Girl.Back!!!!! It feels so good. Last year when we came home, you probably have heard me say before, we were honestly scared. The Danielle we had was SO different then the Danielle we always knew and it just really felt unsettled. We of course did every single thing in our power the entire year to try and figure her out, try and figure out what was going on and we never had any answers. Everyone would tell us, 'oh, she's older now and understands more and just isn't as tolerable of recovery with what she just went thru.' Or, 'her body just needs time'. Or, 'she is really fine, everything checks out, you have no reason to be concerned, just relax and don't worry as much.' Well for us to not worry is kind of like saying, here's a sucker to a kid and not have them want it. Truly worry happens 100 times over in our minds daily, if not more.
So we would go back to the drawing board, what was Brad and I, and talk over and over again about what could be going on. It was very exhausting. It was very frustrating. It took every single ounce of him being strong for me and me being strong for him, for us to keep it together, honestly. But it didn't break us. We didn't break. I'll be honest, we shed tears. We got angry. We got on our knees and cried out to God to help us, please help our girl. I truly think it was a test. It was a test of us and would we get thru..... It was a test to keep and put in our life the people that needed to be here. We had so many changes in 2015 in regards to our daughters care. Some we loved, ended up moving on. Some new ones that are now amazing blessings to us have come into our life. And some of our biggest cheerleaders, prayer warriors and believers are still here. And now, worry will forever be in the back of our minds but we are telling our self to STOP....looking for something to be wrong. Enjoy the moment. This is as big of a lesson to Brad and I that I can explain. It has everything to do with our personal character, our parenting style, us as humans, as servants of the lord and as I as Amber and him as Brad, a husband and a wife. We are praying and thanking God for protecting our girl just as we always knew that he would. We never lost faith in him. And now we are so thankful to be in a really really good place.

Fast forward to November, 2 days before Thanksgiving and our girl coming HOME!.......we are settled, we are loving every single minute of our girl. We arrived home just two days before Thanksgiving. Danielle was SO excited from the minute we put her in her stroller to come home. She talked nearly the entire way home. When we got home she looked around, you could tell she knew it was home but it took a day or two for us to feel like she was really acclimated. After all, 40 days in the hospital is a really long time.
She started by being sensitive to noises. We need to remind everyone she is just now 5 weeks post op from her most recent, of 2, significant brain surgeries, plus one more brain surgery she had in October and another tummy surgery also, so quiet is her favorite. However, Danielle has REALLY started using her voice. A couple weeks ago I noticed for the first time consistently she would verbalize on command for me. I would ask her a question and she would say, 'yeaaaa'. It was the most precious moment of my entire life. A child that has been non-verbal virtually all of her life, now responding on command. Ah, my friends, God is so SO good. Now she is a chatter box all of the time. She is eating TONS! There are SO many things about her that are amazing and new and I could go on and on and on about, she is absolutely an amazing little girl. She is definitely an angel of God and we could not be happier with where she is right now not only from a health standpoint, but socially also. She is holding her head up more, she is constantly pushing up with her arms and kicking her legs and moving all over the place, rolling everywhere. It is just so so soooooooo good!

When you see your child endure so much pain, it is really hard to maintain those thoughts that maybe it is for a reason. You look for the silver lining in rough days and try to remind yourself that God really knows what he is doing. We always need to trust in Gods plan, and remember it is his plan, not our plan. We firmly believe that every single one of those 40 days in that hospital was needed for them to truly figure out Danielle. As hard as it was. As much as it sucked. As long as the time drug on with no answers. As much as we cried and pleaded for them to just let us take her home. As many times as we fought them to keep looking for something, to keep checking, and as many times we told them we weren't leaving until they fixed her, we NOW know, it was so necessary. It makes me sad that the beginning of 2015 was so heartbreaking and so much seemed uncertain. We have learned that as painful for us as parents, and mostly for Danielle, as many of those days, and uncertain events were, they made our girl stronger today.

Thank you for continued prayers, thoughts, and any positive energy that you can and do, send our way. 2015 brought some absolutely amazing people into our life and we are forever thankful for all of you. We wish you and yours many blessings of happiness and good health in 2016! We are so excited for all of the wonderful things 2016 has in store for our girl. Many pictures and video's coming soon! We can't wait for you to see her!!!
Much love,
The Holub family

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