Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Year for New Things!

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
What a beautiful little girl you are
Growing up before our eyes
With Spirit and Courage that never sighs.

You have the will to do anything you can
Try this, try that, YES I WILL &

We love your little giggles & eyes so wide
Sweetie you give Mom & Dad a big sense of pride!
You hear your family & you're cranking your head to see
after a hello kiss your happy as a little bee who just found honey.

This year's going to be very exciting for you
We've started getting you ready because
just like your brother, soon, you're going to be in school too!

Where oh where does the time go,
this Mommy can't figure it out
but it doesn't matter
because we're reaching goals,
trying new things & you are so happy....
a big, warm, reassuring smile, is all I'm after.

Your courage is amazing, your body so strong
each week brings something new because
your flying thru everything we ask of you!

Keep being you, little girl so sweet
play time, bath time, therapy time, bonding time
no matter with what we fill the days,
we thank the lord, for you sweetie,
are our blessing in many ways.