Sunday, March 28, 2010

Baby talk!

As we have mentioned before Danielle is quite vocal these days. Giving us a little 'sass' at times and telling us all about what she is thinking. Her little voice is music to our ears! This weekend, just before her bedtime, we caught a little bit of her story on video. It's pretty cute watching her busy little body move all over and listen to her telling us all about her day!

In Danielle's words

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Show 2010...

Last night Danielle and I had an evening Spring Show 2010! Cousin Mackenzie is on the Monticello Expressions Dance Team and last night was their year end performance. Danielle and I really enjoyed going to watch Kenzie.... dance her heart out!

The Stage was set....

The girls were all escorted by their parents, aww...

The team and their parents....their biggest supporters!

The evening started out with a variety of dances and in between were a few solo's and impromptu skits. We had great company with Cassie, Zach, Cody, Aunt Linda and Great Grandma Holub. Danielle was really in aww looking around at all of the action around her. But when the first round of applause happened, she didn't quite know what to think. She nearly jumped out of her skin and the big pucker lip came and the tears started to flow. Aunt Linda had her snuggled pretty tight which really helped a lot. She even took Danielle into the hallway for a little break! Thanks Aunt Linda!
And the girls took to the dance floor!!

Kenzie is a very talented dancer, being just a freshman, she has many years of dancing ahead of her. For not ever, have, taken a dance class in her life, you would never know it by watching her, this girl has talent!!!
Mambo #5, dancing with the guys! So cute!

The girls did a 'mother, daughter dance' and a 'father, daughter dance'. Dan and Connie both got out there and busted a move. I was quite impressed! Great job mom and dad!!

I caught just the very end on video!

For the last routine the girls were in these hamster like body bags. Oh my goodness! These things were just hilarious! They did the whole dance in these bags, talk about having your timing down, that was a must because they couldn't see a thing! I was just cracking up, so much that I had to take a short video, too cute!!

I believe the girls danced 15 dances in the show. That is just amazing! Changing outfits, gearing up for each dance in just a matter of minutes, smiling and showing all of their friends and family what hard work they have put into each and every routine throughout the year. We were very happy to be there for Mackenzie, and are already looking forward to watching her next year!

Great Job Kenz!!!

Getting in some snuggles with Cassie!

Danielle and I really enjoyed our evening together! It was very nice to have some mother/daughter time and for Daddy and Dylan to have their time also! I look forward to many more of these 'girl' dates sweetie! Mommy loves you SO much (and so does Daddy too), thank you for being my little STAR!!!~