Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy 1st Easter....

Happy 1st Easter baby girl!

Easter is such a great time of the year. It is a time for togetherness and renewal. Spring is in the air with bright fun colors everywhere, flowers start to bloom and the weather is turning consistently warmer!

This morning the Easter Bunny found our house! Dylan and daddy showed Danielle her Easter basket filled with new toys and bright fun jammies, a new book and a sun hat for our trip in a few weeks! We could tell she was excited to see these fun new things!

Mommy and daddy took the kids today to Indian Creek Country Club for brunch. We didn't really have any Easter plans so a few weeks ago we decided to take the kids there. It has special meaning for us because that is where our wedding reception was 7 years ago! And mommy's Grandparents use to take her there for Easter brunch when they were alive. It is nice to be able to continue those family traditions. Then we went to Menards and bought all of the items needed for daddy to build the kids their own play fort/swing set! We are SO excited to have this done in the next few weeks and we are sure the kids will love it too. Stay tuned for pics of 'project play yard for the Holub kids'!

Friday Danielle got her last RSV shot for this spring. She is over 15 pounds now and is doing great. We have been feeding her cereal and started to try some applesauce. Well that experience was too much of a good thing. Danielle was loving the applesauce so silly mommy kept feeding it to her versus taking it slow and stopping after a few bites and continuing the next day. Well after over half of the container she threw it up everywhere. Opps! Mommy then remembered that these things need to be taken slowly for their little tummy's. We are very glad she likes it though but its slow and steady from now on with new yummy foods for her!

A few weeks ago we took the kids for Easter pics. They turned out good especially considering that Dylan just didn't want to cooperate! They were able to get a few of them together and Danielle loved the camera that day and was a little star, so we were able to get some great ones of her!

She is now over 9 months old and my oh my has time flown by. Happy 1st Easter pretty baby girl. You are so precious and a very good baby. You are definetly becoming more vocal, cooing a lot more and giggling now especially when you are having play time on the floor. More and more things make you giggle! Mommy and daddy and your brothers love you so much and every day you sure bring lots of smiles to our face!~