Sunday, July 26, 2009

New Toys...

Danielle has had such a great week. Even though it was just her birthday, mommy & daddy found some new developmental toy's online that we couldn't pass up! We wish we would have found this website 2 years ago, it is awesome and has many different toys for kids of each age group and development. Here are a few pics of Danielle checking everything out!

We wanted Danielle to have her own play mat. Dylan has his own area of the living room with most of his toys on his own mat, so we wanted the same for Danielle. It has been a bit of a challenge for Dylan because these are all new toys, he is getting better as he goes over to touch something, he says' baby's toys'. We don't want him to think that she won't share but we then try and talk up his 'big boy toys'.

Danielle got to snuggle with Great Aunt Ellie this weekend and cousin Collin! Danielle loves them so much and it was fun for her to see them and get some snuggle/play time in! The kids love their company!

The kids are doing great, loving each other and each other's company. They make each other smile daily, it is great :) Danielle coo's at Dylan and he lays beside her on the play mat and talks to her and says 'baby so cute'. He actually said her name for the very first time last week also, it was adorable. We were talking to her saying 'Danielle Marie' and Dylan started mocking us, but he still prefers to call her 'baby'. These precious miracle babies are the light of our lives, we love them SO much, thank you lord for blessing our family!~

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy 4th of July...

Happy 4Th of July Danielle-

Danielle has had yet another busy week. She had her 1 year checkup this week at our local Pediatrician's office. Her visit went great. Danielle is now on the growth chart for a 1 year old. This is VERY exciting because this is for her actual age not her corrected age when she should have been born. Danielle is in the 3rd percentile for her height for a 1 year old. She is 27 inches long. She weighs 16 pounds 3 ounces. Danielle grew 1 full pound and 1 full inch since her last apt! This is wonderful news, that much of growth in length makes up for her weight. Danielle is 1 full inch longer than Dylan at 1 year and she is 1 pound less than Dylan was at 1 year, these kids sure are a lot alike! She is eating like a piggy and busy busy busy. We are still going to continue the 24 k/cal formula and baby food once a day with cereal, and we are going to try and increase the baby food as much as she allows. She is growing very well with what we are currently doing. Danielle is also getting 2 bottom teeth! They are FINALLY showing! Poor thing has been working on this one bottom tooth for 3 months now. It would go up and down and up and down and now it is finally visible and low and behold she also has another one right next to it! We are excited to finally be able to see these all of the time now, these poor toothers have been hard on baby girl.

Developmentally Danielle is also doing great. Rolling over, getting her hands under her and occasionally up on her knees. She is scooting forwards and backwards and also in a circle! She is a lot closer to sitting up, we are going to work on loosening up her hips a little to make it more comfortable for her to sit. But she will sit for a minute or 2 with her hands out in between her legs supporting herself. She is getting more and more in to toys. She loves to try and bat at things with her hands and grab onto toys that are in front of her. She is doing great! Daddy calls her his little 'sweet pea, or pumpkin pie'!

These are a couple of pictures from Father's Day! We had a great day with daddy and also with Great Grandma Holub as we celebrated her 80Th birthday with a party in Prairieburg that afternoon. In this picture Danielle was able to get some loves from Great Aunt Marge at the birthday party!

Happy 4Th of July baby girl! It is SO great to be at home this Holiday. Last year we celebrated with Danielle watching her thru the incubator praying for her to grow strong and telling her how much we believe in her.

And look at you this year baby girl! You sure have come so far! We love you so much and we continue to believe in you every single moment of every single day Danielle!

This weekend we decided at the last minute to postpone our trip to Chicago. We decided that with this busy holiday weekend, downtown Chicago probably wouldn't be the best for the kids. So we opted with the Water Park & a relaxing BBQ instead! Well it rained 3/4 of the day on Saturday so unfortunately we didn't make it to the water park. But we did have some great friends over for a fun BBQ on Saturday afternoon/evening! It was great to catch up and have the kids just relax. Mike, Kirsten & baby Lila, Monica & Brandon, Racquel & Scott came over for a BBQ and some R&R. We had a lot of belly laughs & the daddy's and guys did their version of catching up also. Danielle was a tuckered little girl that evening and conked out a little early.

Sunday was beautiful and we ventured out of the house! We had a picnic lunch at the park and then took the kids to the super fun play area. Danielle took a little snooze and Dylan ran around playing and going down every single slide many times! It was a beautiful day, we all needed some fresh air and a little vitamin D also. We came home and sat outside and had Popsicles, a great finish to a fun filled day! We sure had a great, relaxing weekend with great company! We can't wait until the next 4Th of July to Celebrate again. We are excited for all of the new things this next year will bring for Danielle. Walking and talking, next summer will be busy with these 2 little ones! Happy 4Th of July Danielle!~