Sunday, February 28, 2010

Girls just wanna have fun....

Danielle has been having fun with 'girl time' the past few weeks. We had pictures taken with her little friends Lila and Henley a few weeks ago. We headed to Jill Christine for a little photo shoot and the girls in their matching Leopard Print dresses. The experience was one for the memory books, lots of laughs now looking back on the whole of the 3 pretty girls to come!

Danielle has been extremely vocal these past few weeks. More vocal than ever is like music to our ears! When she is at therapy she literally talks back to the Therapist, when she is on the floor with some of her favorite toys she talks to them, to mom and dad she regularly says 'hi', the most precious little voice ever! She has quite the little personality, as you can see sometimes when she is feeling silly she prefers to move her body to chew on the toys without having to use her hands to hold the toy to her lil' cookie!!

Grandpa Kinney was over for a visit last weekend. Danielle got in some snuggle time, we all know how much she loves that! She was very excited to see her Grandpa, and he was VERY excited to see and spend time with the kids!

Last Monday night Danielle and Daddy started the YMCA's version of Aqua Tots! They are doing the class with our great friends Mike and Kirsten's baby girl Lila, Mike and Lila joined the class as well. Dylan just loved this class last year so we thought it would be perfect for the little girls to do as well. It was a HIT! The water was warm, but look a bit for Danielle to get use to. After that she was smiles, fluttering her little legs about as the sang, blew bubbles, played with rubber duckies and basketball. Danielle just loves bath time so we knew she would love this, and she did, she had a blast! Afterwards getting her dried off and dressed she was telling us all about it, talking up a storm, chatting and squealing, too cute! The happy words of our baby!

This is a weekly class on Monday nights, so much fun for the Daddy's to do this together with their little girls! Last week was a hit, the Daddy's and little girls had a great time and the mommy's loved watching. We are so proud of them and we can't wait to see what next week will bring!

This weekend we also had a little dinner/play date with our friends and the little girls! It was fun to see Danielle, Lila and Henley all together again. Looking at little Henley, only 6 weeks old, brings back the memories of Danielle that small, it wasn't that long ago but it seems like it has been forever! Even looking at Lila, now 10 months, thinking 'WOW in a few months she will celebrate her first birthday'! It seems like just yesterday the little girls were getting to know each other right after Lila was born! Time as a parent sure goes by SO fast. We really enjoy the company of each other, sharing funny parenthood stories, the joy's of everyday life as a Mom and Dad. It was a great night and the girls had lots of play time!

Today found us vising Great Grandma Holub in Prairieburg. Grandma was SO excited to see the kids and they were as excited to see her also. Both kids gave Great Grandma a very warm reception! As always Grandma had lots of goodies set out for the kids....after some goodies and play time the kids each gave Grandma lots of snuggles! Also visiting were Aunt Connie and Kenzie. The kids were very excited to see them. Danielle told lots of stories and had a lot of smiles to show off today. She is such a happy girl, loves snuggle time and lots of attention, but is also happy playing on the floor stretching out and moving all around! We love it, today was a super fun time at Great Grandma's house!!

Tonight it was supper time and early to bed. Neither of the kids have had naps this weekend, they have had lots of play time and were just exhausted. So it was early to bed for the wee ones, in preparation for a busy week!~

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day....

Today is a day to show love for those special people in our lives. Although we do this on a regular basis anyway, today we did a few special things for the loved ones in our life....our beautiful children!!! The kids awoke to some fun goodies from mom and dad this morning. They were so surprised and very excited to see what was in each of their goodie bags! Dylan opened his first, as he was just so full of anticipation on what he was going to get. Danielle was very patient and opened hers next! Mom and dad picked out another cute pair of Fuzzy Heart pj's, can never have too many of well as a cute late Winter/Spring outfit, a 'I' shirt to wear when watching our beloved Hawkeyes, and a book. Danielle was very excited to have a few new things!

We relaxed this morning, exchanged a few small Valentines before getting ready and heading out for a nice lunch. Granite City was delicious for lunch today, Danielle snoozed thru most of it but she was happy to be out of the house for a little bit! After lunch we ran a couple of errands, stopped at Menards so mommy and daddy could pick up a few things, before heading home.

This afternoon brought much needed naps for the kids and after naps some baking! Mom is going to bake a heart shaped cake with the kids. Pictures to come soon....

We have really enjoyed each other today. Another fun filled day for our family, that is most importantly about togetherness and being appreciative for each others love.

Happy Valentines Day sweet baby Danielle! Thank you for filling our hearts with unending love!
One last thing.....Brad and I have decided to start a family blog. We will still update the kids blogs but there are so many fun 'family' things going on that we wanted to document we figured we would start a blog specifically for family and fun family time. Check it out at ~