Thursday, November 26, 2009

Why we are thankful for you Danielle...thru Mommy's eyes.

Your daddy and I wanted to tell you Happy Thanksgiving and how thankful we are for you. Sweetheart you are our miracle. Since the day I could feel your sweet little kicks in my belly I knew what a miracle you are. You have touched our lives since the day we met you. You are such a strong little girl. You do all sorts of new things every day that just amaze us. Your beautiful smile that lights up the room, your cute little giggle that warms our heart and your personality that is showing us what a fun girl you are. You are growing up right before our eyes sweetie. Mommy is so excited for a lifetime of fun memories with you!
We are thankful for everything about you, your will to live, your will to fight for everything you want, your ambition to keep going and keep trying every single day. You never give up, you keep going, you are always happy, you always have a beautiful smile on your face, you giggle at everything that makes you happy....for ALL of those things and for you being our sweet girl honey, we are THANKFUL! Thank you for making us better parents, better people, better as a whole. You have completed our family sweet one. For you honey, we are thankful. Your daddy and I want to wish you the most Happy Thanksgiving ever, thank you for being our daughter... thank you for being my little girl.~