Sunday, August 29, 2010

2 year update...

Danielle has been such a little busy body these past 2 months since she had her Birthday! We were able to get in for her 2 yr check up and her stats were great. Weighing in at 17 lbs 13 ounces, 31.5 inches long and growing steadily. Danielle is growing in length far faster than weight, her spot on the curve is holding tight, but we are working to have her gain some pounds! She is hungry so that isn't the issue, it is just finding the right mix of food and liquid to get her the most calories to help give her that boost! Now this week we have begun mixing in fresh Avocado's with some of her pureed veggies and boy oh boy I think we've found a favorite! Danielle just LOVES the Avocado, that is perfect because it is very good for her!
We also took Danielle to IC a couple times for follow-up visits. She met with our Odo doctor about her ears. Thankfully he did see the tubes were both in place. This was wonderful news because we had suspected since March that one may have fallen out. Sadly, he did have to suction a bunch of wax out of her left ear. Thankfully Daddy was at this appointment because I am not sure I could have done it alone as Dylan was along also. Danielle was not a happy camper during the suctioning, but it really was clogged and they were able to get it cleaned out and the tube is still in place. Literally seconds after they cleared it and she quit crying she was telling us ALL kinds of it really must feel better, thank goodness!

We also met with our wonderful Neurosurgeon last week for an MRI and follow-up visit. Thank the lord, things are looking wonderful! Her scans looked the best that they ever have. The doctor always was happy with them before but now his words, 'I can finally accept these I am extremely happy and these are by far the best scans yet.' We were just elated with this news, this means less fluid in her ventricles, her cavity is going down and there is good brain growth. We got the all clear to not go back for 6 months!!!! This is very exciting news :We also got Danielle's 2 yr pics taken at the beginning of August. Kristi Bowers @ Luella B. Photography did an amazing job at capturing Danielle's 2 year moments. She also put together a beautiful video of these pics for us to an amazing song that is very fitting for our family. Enjoy! We continue therapy two times per week, OT (Visual Therapy) & PT... and all is going great. We now have a new PT who we feel is a great fit for Danielle and we are enjoying our weekly sessions. We will soon be starting yet another therapy session with speech therapy. We are on the waiting list. We are excited for this to get Danielle speaking more words. This will be great for Danielle. We had our first evaluation appointment and it went great. Danielle was mimicking the therapist and that was so wonderful to hear. We are working on those first sounds 'P', 'B' & 'M' are the most tricky. Danielle is regularly saying 'hi' and has been for quite some time. Over the past month she has also added 'mama' much music to my ears! She says this mostly when she is sad and fussing.

The lord is closely watching down on our family and our precious daughter! We are so proud of the progress she is making on a weekly basis and we are even more proud watching her work so hard to do the things that she really wants to do!~

The MOST exciting and new news is that.....Danielle has also been starting to walk with a walker during her therapy sessions. This is just adorable and too precious for words. She really has amazed us with her willing-ness to get up and go even after she has just had a full therapy session. We hope to have a walker at home to 'demo' in the next week or so, then we also will order one to keep at home. The second session Danielle took 5 steps, it was amazing, mommy got all teary eyed watching! We are SO proud of her and are very anxious, as she is, to be up and chasing Dylan!

We are very excited for all of the wonderful new Adventures Danielle is experiencing! We are SO extremely proud of her and we learn many lessons from her daily. Dylan continues to be her biggest protector next to us of course, he is very very sensitive to her needs and her wants also. She loves him and loves watching him and listening to him talk non-stop. During story time though it is a battle on who gets to turn the pages. Danielle loves to turn the pages as this is something they do in therapy, well Dylan sure reminds her often that he likes to turn the pages in the book also! Dylan is definitely the best big brother for Danielle and he is very very good with her. We couldn't have asked for a better bond with our kids. LOVE every second!~