Wednesday, September 30, 2009

15 months old!

It is so hard to believe that our little Danielle is 15 months old already. WOW, has the time flown by!

She had had a couple of follow-up appointments the past week. Last Monday we met with our Odo doctor in IC to talk about potential ear tubes for Danielle. Last winter and this Spring Danielle had several consecutive ear infections. Dr. Smith wanted to re-evaluate this month. Danielle did have 1 ear infection in August, but at this appointment her ears look great. They do a little more in depth ear exam than just our regular Pediatrician does. Since her ears looked so great he is going to hold off on tubes for now. If she starts to have them again this winter we will contact him right away and he will make a decision at that time. This was great news that Danielle's ears are looking good!
Yesterday Danielle had her 15 month checkup with our Pediatrician. The scale had her weighing in at 16 pounds 10 ounces....once again 1 full pound less than was IC had her weighing in at last week. SUCH a HUGE difference in scales. We believe her accurate weight is over 17 pounds. She is in 12-18 month clothes for a certain brand, 12 mth fits her perfect, so she is a growing girl. She is 27 3/4 inches long. This little girl has some long legs, that is fine by us! Her BMI is good and her weight is following the curve and her length is in the middle of the curve. Danielle has been eating baby food, Organic Stage 2, fruits and veggies and loving it! We are going to try and increase it and the doctor suggested for us to add a little olive oil for a few extra calories. She will still stay on high calorie formula for now. We will re-evaluate that in December at her 18 mth check.

Danielle is really wanting to crawl, in the worst way! The PT in IC will put her hand under Danielle's belly for a little stability and she is off. She puts her hands and legs up in the air but as soon as she starts to move her legs her arms go to her elbows and as soon as she moves her arms her legs stop moving. She will get it figured out soon. Danielle is sitting with minimal support, we are working on that. Depending on her mood point we can put her hands in the middle and she will sit supporting herself or we can sit with her between our legs and she does great, so she is almost there on this too! Danielle is talking and giggling like crazy! In the mornings she just babbles and babbles it is SO cute. Daddy can really get her giggling. No words yet, mostly vowels, at times we laugh though because it does sound like she says 'HI' in a high pitch voice.
Danielle has 5 teeth now. They have mostly all come in at the same time within the past month fully. She has her top 2 and her bottom 2 and on the top right there is an eye tooth peeking thru. She is looking really like a little toddler now versus just a baby. She doesn't smile so you can see the top toothers yet, so that makes it hard for mom and dad to get pics, but they are there! She sometimes chews her baby food, but no cheerios yet!

So a great week for checkups for our little munchkin. The doctors office was out of the Flu Vaccine so she will be getting it in IC next week. Mommy was pretty irritated considering she is what they call 'high risk' and we have had the appointment for over a month. We were trying to avoid taking her into a sickly doctors office more than 1 time, guess we should have done it with Dylan's last week. So instead of waiting for 2 1/2 weeks for our Pediatrician office to get it we will have it done in IC.

We are so proud of you Danielle. You are growing so big and getting stronger and stronger every day. This week your big brother Dylan started calling you 'baby sissy', it is very cute, other times he copy's us and calls you Danielle Marie, he sure loves you bunches! We believe in you pretty girl, you are our miracle daughter, and we love you SO much! Thank you lord for blessing us with our little girl.~

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Labor Day Getaway and more!!!

We have had a busy couple of weekends. Starting with Labor Day. Friday Danielle had several appointments in IC. All went excellent and we don't have to go back for months!!! The (s) on months is the most exciting thing ever! We are SO proud of baby girl. Friday night we celebrated our god son, Masen's birthday with him. He had a swimming party. Danielle was pretty exhaused from her big day. We were able to celebrate with Masen for a little bit and Dylan and Brad swam with the kids at the party. They had a great time.

Labor Day found our family in Des Moines!
We decided a few months back that we would take a family getaway to Des Moines for Labor Day. We met at Kim and Kris' house to get our car caravan together and we were off. The kids really had no idea where we were going but we knew they would have a blast. This was both Dylan and Danielle's first adventure to a 'theme park', Iowa style!

We first stopped at the Blank Park Zoo just outside Des Moines. We ate lunch at the Safari grill and then we were off to see the animals! Danielle was very excited to be outside. It was a beautiful day. We saw an amazing amount of really neat animals. We saw BIG snakes to start. They looked pretty intimidating as we peeked at them thru the hole in the cave. Then when we got to the viewing window and saw how LARGE they were, we were very happy to be on the other side of the glass. They had really neat jelly fish and coral as well. We stopped and watched the monkeys do some 'monkeying around'. They were really funny playing with each other and swinging all about. We took a moment and let the kids run under the misting elephant. Danielle calmly sat in the stroller as daddy, Collin and Morgan took a run thru the elephant spraying water from his trunk. It was a perfect amount of mist because it was a nice hot day. The kids didn't mind getting wet at all. We peeked on the Lions den. They were HUGE. One was sleeping as the other two were playing about and one was giving the other a bath. The Tortis' were mommy and daddy's favorite. Those things were HUGE. The one weighed in at over 510 pounds and was over 40 years old with a lifespan of 110 years, AMAZING! The zoo keeper was out starting to wake them up. She was giving them a little massage, soon their head would pop out of the shell and they were awake and ready to play.
The kids loved the play area. There was a little petting zoo and play area for the kids. There were big slides and swings. Collins and Morgan were very good at playing with the kids and taking their time with them and waiting for them. It was a wonderful time at the zoo.
We then ventured to our hotel, the Marriott by Jordan Creek and met up with Aunt Ellie. We had such a great hotel and rooms. We sure had a lot of fun. Eating pizza by the pool. The daddy's and kids swam and Mommy, Kim, Ellie and Danielle sat and laughed and laughed along side the pool. It was a great evening filled with lots of giggles and fun moments. After the pool we settled into our room and our jammies. We were excited for a fun Sunday ahead.
Sunday we woke up, had breakfast and headed to Adventureland for a day of fun! We arrived at Adventureland shortly before 11 and had a very busy day. First Kim had a great idea to take a tour of the park via the train. This way we knew where we wanted to venture to first. After the train ride Morgan and Collin broke Brad in right away taking him on the 'Falling Star'. Daddy was grinning from ear to ear. Brad and Dylan ventured on 'The Underground' next. Aunt Ellie, Kris and the kids went along and Kim, Danielle and I stayed back. Danielle ate some lunch and took a little snooze. The rest of us ate some lunch, the big kids went on, for some big kid rides, before venturing to Kokomo Kove. Kokomo Kove was a perfect spot for the parents to rest a little bit. Dylan got in his trunks and he was off to the little Kokomo Splash pad. Danielle soaked up a little sun and the daddy's and big kids went off for rides on the Tornado, Dragon and others. The sun was shining bright and we had many laughs all while relaxing.

After Kokomo Kove we took Dylan on a few more rides, ate some dinner and dessert before heading off to the Farris Wheel. Ellie, Brad and Dylan went for a ride on the big wheel. Then the daddy's had to try their hand at the games. Trying to win a BIG Herkey was the goal. Brad came back with a little Herkey and Kris got the BIG Herkey for Collin and Morgan. The little Herkey was just perfect because I don't think the big Herkey would have fit in the car with all of our stuff. Then Kim and I had to try our venture at the game. It was really hard, trying to throw the ball into this metal jug, all while laughing.....needless to say we won 2 more little Herkey's for the kids.

We closed Adventureland down shortly after 9 and headed back to the hotel for some more swimming and water fun. We got Danielle in her suit and she was ready to join in the fun. The water was perfect and she loved it. She loved to kick her legs like a little froggy and lay on her back against mommy and watch the kids having a blast around her. Daddy was jumping in making huge splashes with the Cannon Ball jumps. It was fun having Danielle join in the swimming fun with the rest of the family. We think she is going to be a little fishy just like her big brother. We can't wait for more water fun with the kids.
Sunday after Breakfast we headed off towards home with a few pit stops for shopping. We first stopped at Jordan Creek to visit a few choice stores that we don't have around here. Danielle was a shopping trooper with mommy and the boys did their own thing. Danielle told mommy that Pottery Barn kids was her favorite, she's got good taste!! Next we made a stop at the new Bass Pro Shop outside Des Moines. This place was awesome. Uncle Bucks Fish Bowl and Restaurant was super fun. You could eat lunch/ dinner all while taking a few moments to spruce up on your bowling game table side. The archery range was Brad's favorite. The place was packed but we will for sure be taking an afternoon to stop back there. Williamsburg Outlet Mall was our next stop after lunch before heading home. The kids sure made out there, getting clothes for this winter. We took advantage of the huge labor day savings and stocked up on fall and winter attire. The sales were amazing, up to 70% off at most places, we couldn't pass that up!
We had such a fun weekend with great family. Thank you Aunt Ellie and Aarhus' for the many laughs and great company on our adventure! We cleaned all of our cobb webs out with all of the laughing we did. Thank you Collin and Morgan for taking the time to be patient with the kids and for giving them lots of snuggle and play time!
This weekend we have had all kinds of fun. Saturday we celebrated Dylan's 3rd birthday with a party. It is hard to believe he is already going to be 3 on Tuesday. Danielle was all geard up for his Hawkeye Birthday party and she sported an Iowa outfit for her favorite team! We had an enormous amount of food and we watched football and relaxed. Dylan got some really fun gifts and Danielle had a great time watching the excitement around her. Danielle got some play time in with Lila, but she decided to pull Lila's hair....ouchy! Mommy and daddy felt really bad as Lila welled up with tears. It was an accident and Danielle was excited and took a grab, silly girl. After our family and friends left Danielle was exhausted. She was all partied out and excited for some floor time and snuggle time with mommy and daddy! Sunday found us at Lila's Christening at the Smith Pond. It was an absolutely beautiful morning and a beautiful setting for Lila's special day. We got Danielle all dressed up in her pink and brown dress and headed out to be a part of Lila's special day. Lila looked gorgeous in her Christening gown and matching hair band. She was a trooper surrounded by family and friends all there for her. Danielle was such a good girl. Soaking up the sun and breathing in the fresh air. Kirsten and Mike had a wonderful brunch catered in afterwards. We sat and laughed and enjoyed each other's company at a joyous celebration. After the Christening we ventured to Prairieburg to visit Great Grandma Holub for Grandparents day. She was very excited to see us and especially these beautiful Great Grand babies of hers. Danielle got in some snuggle time and play time with her Great Grandma. We had wonderful conversations and really enjoyed each other on a very special day. We really enjoy seeing Great Grandma and love surprising her with visits. She really enjoys it and we do too.
On the way home we stopped at the cemetery in Prairieburg to show the kids where Great Grandpa Holub is buried. Brad misses him terribly and it was such a beautiful afternoon to stop and remind him how much we and the kids love and miss him. Brad really wishes our kids could enjoy the fun times on the family farm as he did when he was young. We got a picture of the farm for Brad to tell the kids all about it. We could feel his love around us as daddy knelt down and told the kids what a wonderful man he was. He was one of daddy's favorites and he wants our children to know that although he is not here in person, his spirit lives on and he sure loves them also.
We have had a wonderful past couple weekends with our family and baby girl. We have been very blessed spending time with great family and friends. The weather has been beautiful. Such a great way to end the summer. We have soaked up the sun to warm our hearts and breathed in the fresh air to clear our minds. Thank you lord for blessing our family and we are so fortunate to have had such wonderful getaways this summer. For you lord, for our family and friends, for our health and happiness, we are SO grateful!~