Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy 1st Valentines Day....

Happy first Valentines Day baby girl!
Danielle has some adorable Valentines outfits and jammies that she has been sporting yesterday and today, we love them! One is from 'auntie' Melissa in Florida and the other from Auntie Ellie, and Grammie sent some fun toys and a very cute bib all the way from PA for the special day, thank you!!

Danielle is weighing in at 14 pounds 6 ounces this week. Our in-home nurse came yesterday and Danielle got her Synegis, the RSV shot. Danielle didn't like that one bit! But at daycare Michelle had a super fun Valentine party for the kids, so that made up for the shot she got in the morning. They each came home with lots of goodies and very cute Valentines cards.

Today we are relaxing and enjoying the sunshine and unfortunate snow that is now covering the ground once again. We are going out for a very nice family dinner tonight and we are very excited! Last weekend it was almost 60 degrees and we were able to actually get out of the house for a fun family day. We went to the Outdoor show in Iowa City and ventured to the mall and got Zoey's pizza for dinner. It was very relaxing and we all needed some well deserved fresh air, out of the house! We took advantage of the warmer temperatures that is for sure, but still being very cautious of the nasty RSV, Pneumonia and other sickness' going around right now!!

Our little miss Danielle is just doing great. Growing and thriving and being such a happy baby all of the time. Still wanting to be held a lot, but as you can see from the pictures she is really loving her play time and especially play time in the Bumbo too. Sometimes Dylan misses his Bumbo days and decides to sit himself back in it himself! But for Danielle Bumbo time is really helping strengthen those back and neck muscles to help her learn to sit up! The days sure are flying by and she is really changing in looks too. Her hair has started to lighten up a bit more on top in the middle. We are curious to see what color her hair will be. After the bath it is very light then it turns more dark when it drys which is the complete opposite of what mommy's does! Time will tell.

We keep praying that Danielle grows strong and is a healthy and happy baby girl. Here are a few random pics of the kids together. Dylan is now very interested in Danielle and wants to know where she is at all times. If she is in her crib taking a nap he will stand outside her door and say 'baby', when he hears her cry at the opposite side of the house he goes running saying 'baby' 'baby', with concern in his voice. He will be a great big brother.

We love you baby girl, Happy Valentines Day! ~

Monday, February 2, 2009

Sweet pea....

Danielle is our 'little sweet pea'. That is what daddy likes to call her. She is also such a little snuggle bunny and lately does not want mommy or daddy to put her down! She LOVES to be held all of the time and is not afraid to squawk when we do put her down. But on the other hand if we do put her down she really enjoys her time listening to her lullaby CD in her crib looking in her mirror, and she absolutely loves tummy time. This is actually great because especially since Dylan has been sick, when he has playtime with us Danielle can be content in her crib listening to her music without Dylan sneezing all over her. As you can see from these pictures she is very smiley these days. We love her big smile and seeing her cute dimples! We took Danielle back for a re-check on her ears last week and got the all clear, things are looking good. She has a but of a snorty nose but saline 2 times a day is our routine and if we hear a cough then we throw in a couple breathing treatments just in case too!
Isn't it such hard work being this cute?! This is Danielle all snuggled up and cozy in her bassinet, yes, still sleeping in our room. We actually got an e-mail from our crib manufacturer 2 weeks ago that our crib was recalled. This was pretty scary considering Dylan slept in this crib for a year and a half before this recall went out and it has been set up in Danielle's room since September. But turns out after the info got sent to the manufacturer, it doesn't pertain to our model. So, she will slowly make the move to her room soon. Mommy is having a hard time with this because I love to look over and see her monitor blinking and knowing that she is okay, plus a tiny baby in a big room and big bed just makes me sad because I don't want her to feel alone! Yes, I went thru this with Dylan to and he ended up being fine, its just a mom thing. So soon, maybe this weekend she will be fully in her crib ;)
And mommy finally was able to get the Upper Case Living decor put up in the kids rooms. As you can see, here is a part of Danielle's room. The rest of her flowers and bigger saying are not put up yet as mommy is thinking of ways to get creative with both! But what is done so far looks adorable, the pink and brown matches her room perfectly, and each saying is definitely unique to our little girl.

Danielle continues to grow and grow and is generally a very happy girl. We love that she loves to snuggle and we love to hear her coo.....there is no better sound then the sounds of little baby and children's voices, precious! We love you baby girl and we love watching you grow and thrive.~