Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Emergency Surgery....again, today

As I wrote over the weekend things were complicated. They tried and tried to get her pain under control, and see what if anything was going on. We were literally loaded up to move down to the Peds floor when I said, hold up. You HAVE GOT to figure this out. Thankfully they listened. And they checked everything. Tummy, heart, labs, everything and when it all came back ok then Neurosurgery decided to check her head, in a different way.

Yesterday they decided to do a frontal test on her which is where they inject dye into her shunt and watch it, live via scans, flow down the tubing to make sure its functioning properly. So they did that and right away the radiologist said something was wrong. It was very very slow to move any fluid. Neurosurgery then started looking at MRI scans from right after her surgery last week, until now. There was a big difference in cranial pressure. This meant she needed to get to the O.R immediately. So last night she was set to go within 8 hours. They didn't know what they were facing, but needed to check it out and gave us 4 possible scenarios.

Just before midnight the doctor came in and suggested we delay the surgery until early morning. With the catheter going into heart, if there were complications at that site, he didn't feel.comfortable with the amount of staff here over night to jump in and help him. So we snuggled all night long.

So this morning her Neurosurgeon came in and explained everything in detail. He wanted it figured out too, as much as us. They took her into surgery and right at 3 hours later she was done. He wasn't sure totally what he found, if anything. He said they disconnected the part in her head from the part in her heart and flushed it, in case there was a clot. Nothing. Then he flushed the upper part, nothing. But just because it had been draining very slow, at the most open setting there is, he replaced the part in her brain anyway.
This is a LOT for our sweet girl. We are beyond over it. We are beyond ready to be home. We are really ready for her to be her happy self again. We've seen a few smiles the past few days but just from us acting silly. So I really need to see her personality come thru again, and shine bright as we know it can.

We would appreciate prayers, so many prayers would be so nice. We know the power of prayer is so strong, and our girl needs that. I will update as I know more.


Maggie said...

Many prayers, Amber. My heart hurts for you and your sweet girl.

amanda louck said...
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amanda louck said...

Prayers for Miss Danielle. This nearly had me in tears to see how much she is having to go through! And also for you and Brad as her parents! I will continue to put her on my prayer card at church each week as I have been. I hope she gets better soon so she can be happy and home where she belongs!

(Amanda Chapman)

Katie Ryan said...

She has been through so much. We are praying for Danielle and all of you.

Unknown said...

There are no words to explain how heartbroken I am to read this. Please know that there are constant prayers heading your way from Dubuque.

Barbara Nelson said...

Thinking of all of you Amber, always in our prayers.

Barbara Nelson said...

Thinking of all of you Amber, always in our prayers.